An Open Letter to Hillary

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This is an open letter to Hillary Clinton, ... & her supporters.

My Dearest Hillary,

First, ... let me offer a "shoulder of condolence" for what is happening to, and around, you right now. I voted for you, and backed your decision to serve from the very beginning. I too, had hoped to see you take the oath of office next year, which would set history on it's proverbial "status quo" ear. But now, for whatever reason, your path seems to be wending elsewhere, ... and I know that has to hurt. Fate apparently has an odd sense of humor, and, right now, I'm not getting this joke either. (Maybe it's a "forest for the trees" thing.)

I'm afraid the last eight years of the present administration, have left us "pillaged & pawned" to the nearest powerbrokers of the moment. As a consequence of their personal greed, our people have been left holding an ever dwindling resource bag, and the only thing we seem to have gotten from this "latest" war ... is the bill! Our "leaders" have ignored or squelched, every creative alternative to their selfish plans, and sought to keep us in the dark about our very existence on this planet. Their diversionary "paranoia politics", have left us throwing money at shadows, and created increasing distrust even within our own ranks. These same chief executives seem to have forgotten, that the true base of that power they seek, is, and always has been, rooted in the hearts of our people. ("Power is, after all, not an impetus, but an apt end result." - B. MacN.)

Our country is facing a serious need for a new approach to our domestic, and global, thinking. I'm sure you have done your homework (probably could quote it in your sleep), and you know it all boils down to us being in deep trouble, if we don't come up with some new solutions to these old problems.

The next four years will need leaders who care more about people than power. Instead of letting the existing "powers that be" myopically point us in destructive, antiquated directions of the past, we need forward-looking leaders who will open our minds to all the inventive solutions available out there, with which we are quite capable of achieving the goals we seek. (Whether it's personal, financial, military, or otherwise.)

The key is learning to utilize the best "natural" resource we have as a nation, ... our totally diverse, multi-talented, ever creative people. Instead of wasting our time on failed policies of bygone eras, we have to turn our sights into the 21st Century, and the challenges we now face in creating the foundation for a whole new millennium in history. Right now, we are writing our future for generations to come, and we will need the help and leadership of sincere, intelligent, compassionate individuals, more than we have ever needed them before, ... and that my darling, includes you.

I know that a lot of things said during the primary season, may keep you from wanting to help the same group of people you recently ran against. (Scorpios don't lose grudges quickly.) But if it comes down to us, versus more of the failed Republican agenda ... , I know you don't want to let them have another four years of ravaging our countryside. We may not survive that intact, and our children will certainly be inheriting an undeserved burden as a result of their incompetence.

Obviously, it is your decision as to what you want to do next. But if my (and 18 million other Americans) opinion counts, I would want you involved with the re-building of our American Dreams. You have a unique vantage point, from which a lot of good can come. I'm asking you to put aside the frustration of the moment, re-roll up your sleeves, and help make this a new dawn, ... for the future of us all.

Whatever you decide, I'd like to thank you for all your hard work, and I wish you "Happy Trails" always!

Sincerest Regards,

B. MacNichol
American Voter

© 2008

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An Open Letter to Hillary

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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