Pakistan Politics and the Positive Signs

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The recent tremors hitting the political system of Pakistan are giving signs of an imminent change. It is extremely difficult for any analyst to foresee a possible outcome of this jumbled situation. People of Pakistan are seeing the recent developments with high hopes and with a feeling to see Pakistan back on track after a long era of uncertainty in this present political setup.


With lot of hiccups and hurdles the only parliament that could complete its tenure was under the umbrella of Gen. (Retired) Pervez Musharraf. Beyond doubt the era of Pervez Musharraf saw maximum stability and progress visible on all fronts. We cannot ignore the fact that the decision to become American ally on war on terror after 9/11 was a tough one and its outcome had been destructive for the nation. The aftermath of that decision is still damaging the sovereignty of Pakistan due to pathetic law and order situation, seeing the repeated terrorist incidences in different parts of Pakistan.  But it is also true that the Money and Investment reaching Pakistan after 9/11 were enormous and were utilized for the people too that was visible to many. It was that time when those looters sitting outside the soil of Pakistan in exile became hungry to the level of madness to come back to Pakistan and to loot the surplus foreign currency that was in the reserves of the country. It was the time when the ugly conspiracies developed and the agreements and memorandums were signed to restore the so called "Democracy" (which I call "Robbers Democracy)" again in Pakistan.


The assassination of Mohatarama Benazir Bhutto was no doubt a sad incident. The loss was irreparable but it can also be seen that she was coming to Pakistan after a very notorious deal with a dictator making him to allow those looters to jump back into the pond of wealth to loot the nation under the umbrella of  NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) or (National Robbers Ordinance). In the whole scene the present President of Pakistan was no where in the picture after he was released after NRO was passed.  The Shareefs were also sharpening their knives to eat the flesh of the nation by their deceiving tactics. In those moments when it was all visible that the looters would again be set free to do more intensified robbery on the rights and wealth of this nation, leaders like Imran Khan of PTI, Qazi Hussain Ahmed of JI and other renowned opposition leaders expressed their serious reservations on the deal of such kind with the enemies of the nation. I think Pervez Musharraf displayed gross immaturity and completely misread the foreheads of those who used his pen to oust him from his hot seat.


The recent jolt in the PPP (Pakistan Peoples Party) lines after MQM's  (Muttahida Qaumi Movement) decision to pull out from the cabinet was a serious one. Yet, I think that patch up is possible between PPP and MQM but not with the same zeal that was witnessed in the early days of PPP rule that started in 2008. Amid tensions between PPP and MQM it was Mian Nawaz Shareef who tried to gain some points out of the present tense situation. One can say that Mian Sahab's decision to defame MQM and deliver ugly words against an emerging political rival multiplied the popularity of MQM to an unimaginable proportion. It is hard to believe that a politician who spent an era into politics can make such a childish move.




PML N when initiated the assault on MQM it forgot to evaluate that the presence of MQM is extremely grim on the national front and cannot be called a potential rival of PML N that enjoys huge presence in the parliament. Showing muscle to a less powerful rival is like pulling that rival to the height of your head.  This can be termed as worst political mistake by Mian Sahab in his more than two decades long presence in the political scene of Pakistan.



On the other hand, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani's position is weakening like a melting Ice berg. The jolts to his strong position after Hajj scandal and other emerging scandals as pointed out by AML leader Mr. Sheikh Rasheed & JUI's Senator Azam Swati, putting allegations of enormous corruption involving the sons and other close relatives and friends of the Prime Minister is quickly defaming the popularity of Mr. Gilani.



In present times, some parties are playing their cards wisely and tactfully. The Alliance under the umbrella of Peer Pagara and the shuttle diplomacy by MQM and Q-League of Chaudhry Shujaat is showing signs of a tidal wave that may change the present scenario inestimably. We learned about the meetings of the leaders of different parties who were once the very staunch political rivals. MQM's delegation visited Jamaat e Islami and Chaudhry Shujaat visited Tehreek e Insaf's leader Imran Khan. The political parties who have seriously aimed to improve the socio economic structure of Pakistan must take every step with thorough calculation.  It is advised to Mr. Imran Khan with complete sincerity that he should review his policy of confrontation with parities that have a strong mandate with a track record of maximum delivery to benefit not only their voters. but a maximum population of their constituencies If MQM, PML Q,  Tehreek-e-Insaaf, APML and Jamaat e Islami would be able to reduce their differences, they can change the fate of Pakistan successfully. The track record of these parties, except PML-Q, is quite positive and too without any charges of corruption. The association of Gen. Musharraf's All Pakistan Muslim League cannot be ruled out from the possible future set up.


The future of PML N and PPP looks extremely grim and feeble. The aggravating problems of the people of Pakistan due to lootings by both PPP and PML N are leading to the point of no return. It is visible that PML N and PPP are presently trying to cover up all their monetary losses due to prolonged exile from power during Musharraf's era. If PML N has closed its eyes from the corruption of Rental Power Scam, then PPP allowed PML N to gain the maximum out of sugar crisis. In fact the eventual looser is the poor people of Pakistan that they trusted these parties blindly but with no result in return. It is though possible that PPP would be able to stretch its days in power but for that they would have to sacrifice the Prime Minister sooner or may be in a couple of weeks. The corruption in Hajj arrangements and Rehabilitation of Earthquake and flood hit people would soon sink the PPP's future in the ocean of hopelessness. Sources near to the Presidency confirm that few names were considered for the replacement of Yousuf Raza Gilani and Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Quraishi is becoming a potential candidate. Some sources of PPP are also suggesting the name of  Ms. Faryal Talpur MNA – NA 207 Larkana and sister of President Asif Ali Zardari that is likely to be the most potential candidate for the replacement of Mr. Gilani. Some credible sources also revealed that Mr. Gilani has vowed that if he will be removed from power, he will not be able to continue his association with PPP.


In all fairness, I would not support the derailing of the Political system that is running now. If MQM and other parties really want to change this system then Parliament is the better place to initiate this change. Legislation can be made by taking the nation into confidence. MQM's reservation is valid that due to feudal influence in the parliament, it is impossible to change the present system through votes.


It is now discussed most frequently in the political circles that if due to any reason a transitional set up would be created, the inclusion of MQM, PTI, JI, PML Q & APML shall be the prime participants. Right now, the position of  Mr. Zardari is still unhurt and unshakeable. The President is playing his cards with extreme delicacy and it is possible that to lift the heads of PPP's staunch supporters, the sacrifice of Mr. Gilani's premiership would be made very soon.


If MQM, PTI,  JI, PML Q & APML would be able to resolve their differences and join together on one point agenda to change the so called outdated and limping political system, these parties should display their strong character and complete unanimity in their approach. That is the need for today that new faces and new ideas in politics must be introduced. People of Pakistan are looking towards change and that is somewhere around too close and too near.


Everyone is now seeing the developments with fingers crossed and is expecting a positive change in the present political scenario. Let's pray that whoever comes into power now, he or she must think and act for the betterment of Pakistan


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Pakistan Politics and the Positive Signs

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This article was published on 2011/01/03
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