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As a student of history, I have always been fascinated by the sociopolitical events which led to the Fascist take over of Germany, and how they were so successful, as many people seemed to be caught so unaware of the impending doom that loomed upon the horizon; how could they have been so blind, as not to have seen what was coming towards them, and what was happening to their country? I would often wonder, how a people who professed a belief in God, could condone things like sterilization, and euthanasia of the elderly, puzzled me deeply: this could certainly never happen again, and could certainly...never happen here in the United States, or could it? Read the purposed health care bill; in the vicinity of page 425, it speaks to having...end of life counseling, and states that only [certain doctors] will be able to write (end of life orders), well that's comforting to know...that the decision whether or not your life is worth saving...will rest with only "Special Doctors," now doesn't it? Incidentally, this is very similar to the policies that the National Socialist Party had in effect (you know, the Nazi's) after they came into power in Germany during the 1930's. Never happen again...right!

These political dictums seem to sneak-up on people, who are occupied with trying to make ends meet, as they were in the thirties; it, is after all...difficult to impose change upon a prosperous people, only when people lose their jobs, homes, and their stomachs start to growl, do the seek change, as anything they believe, will be an improvement over their current situation. World War II, and the economic boom that it created saved us from destruction then, and the unfortunate removal of many servicemen from the post-war work force was; although regretful to the powers to be, it did promote a rather healthy demand for workers, service men were met at the docks, and train stations, by factory recruiters who would need positions filled once occupied by women during the war. Now that the war was over, and we had won it, it was time to start the recovery process, but the lessons learned from the destruction of the third Reich, were not completely one sided, many in America felt that the Socialist merely went about things in the wrong way. Some of their ideas, they felt...were not all bad, after all' shouldn't everyone have, an equal share [of] the collective wealth? And, as the poor had always outnumbered the rich, were not their votes needed, and...as such, could be easily bought?

The only real concern the liberal movement truly has for the poor, and the minorities, is their ability to stroll into the voting booth with zombie-like tenacity, to reelect those who have been so faithful to them over the years. After all, they were our friends, or were they? Are these the empty pontifications of someone who has no first-hand knowledge? No, as a teenager: I followed my uncle to the polls many times, as it was his job to hand-out the money for the party; the five dollar, or a cheap bottle of whiskey (your choice), thank you for showing up to the polls. If people only knew the contempt they were held in, they would never have been so faithful. Trouble is, at least back then the money was supplied by the rich party faithful; where now they just use diverted tax money! Look for a stimulus check in the mail just before the 2010 mid-term election, and again, just before the 2012 presidential election, as it would be bad timing to send them too soon, as there would be a chance that you might forget their generosity before the polls open. You know for many years this type of behavior went on, and although we were affected by it; we still had a strong enough economy to absorb the shock, and anyway, we had a political system that sort of passed the ball every few years to the other team, and thereby kept the country, and economy, somewhat stabilized.

You may have found diverse economic philosophies on opposite sides of the isle, but the democrats would have been politically crucified just a few years ago, if for example: they would have embraced several radical factions; which today represent major planks in their platforms. For a politician to state that, "The United States [is] not a Christian Nation," in 1970, would have been their political finish! Or, if they wanted to coddle, or grant large gifts, to individuals who were in the United States illegally, they would have been politically stoned! These people have now reached a political impasse: they can only make a political army, by using the soldiers (as it were) from many nations, ask the ancient Romans; this does not work for long. The vast majority of politicians in 1965, could have gone to church together on Sunday, and disagreed with each other on an issue on Monday; today, they are afraid to be caught in church. When the President of the United States can't pick a church in Washington D.C. to attend...we've have gone too far!

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Political Pontifications

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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