Politics is a Horrible Way to Run Human Societies in the Present Period

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We all know that human primate politics is so very ugly, and yet, we get behind one politician or the other during the election season. Even though we all know that politics are mean-spirited, this is currently the methods we are stuck with. Well, I believe it's not good enough to accept this any longer.

Politics is so very dishonest. It's fake and fraudulent, it is the opposite of what we claim to stand for and teach our children, it is contrary to what we purport as the way we do things. It's all a lie in our political system today, but yes, I agree it is the "best lie" going and that it works because of "confidence" in the system, but the system is wrong, all wrong, and well, it's really too bad, I had hoped for so much more.

Funny thing is you cannot find a better place to live on said planet, the United States is tops. So, we are all very lucky to be living here in this time period. It's just too bad we lie to ourselves, because we can't fix it until we wake up and admit that it is broken, and not serving its ideals and principles. We are to blame for allowing this to occur, and we need to only look in our mirror for the answers. It's amazing that it all actually works, and we've produced this level of abundance and civilization.

Another huge issue is the challenges caused by the revolving door of government and lobbyists. The revolving door is upsetting, and it's on all sides. Regulators become private industry lawyers. In actuality they should have had to run a business before being regulators. Lobbyists are interesting too and as bad as they are every business like every citizen has the right to talk to their government elected officials regardless of how big the check is in their hand or if they show up with none.

Pay to play politics is a nasty business, of course, we had been forewarned, but didn't listen. I am a capitalist, pro-business, but legislators that hold the law out for ransom, well, this is incorrect thinking and a poor way to motivate what's best for this nation, or any city, county, state, territory, school district, etc. or the American People. I am deeply concerned.

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Politics is a Horrible Way to Run Human Societies in the Present Period

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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