The Democrats Have a Mandate!

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The Democrats claim to have a mandate and even Nancy Pelosi claims to have a mandate? Sure she does from her own district where it is completely unbalanced like the rest of America where 90% of her voters are clearly left wingers. Sure the Democrats have a majority, but it is really slim 232 to 201in the House and 51 to 49 in the Senate.

But consider all the various factions in Congress Today, the Democratic Party is hardly cohesive or cooperative, which they tell all of us to be each time we criticize their unintended consequences. Filibusters of course continue in the Senate, doing nothing more then clogging the system? Of course, in a way this is good since government does nothing very well, so they may as well do nothing. And do not blame me for that quote, Ronald Reagan uttered those words in a radio speech once.

The Democrats want to take away our guns, but in reality we should make sure they do not bring them to work, because with all the hot heads, they are probably prone to shoot each other? Of course their current favorite weapon is "investigations" and every time we turn around we see them investigating someone? Truth is we ought to investigate all of them in the House and Senate? What do they say about he who screams loudest?

With all the scandals in the various agencies and all the investigations it really seems that they are running a shadow government and so maybe President Bush was right to dismiss all those Justice Department folks, as they seem to be behind a good bunch of the slander campaigns against Republicans. Why can't they just get along? The Democrats do not have a mandate, they cannot even get their voting straight these days.

And now with Lieberman an independent and Olympia Snowe the Republican from Maine, these two folks have just as much power as the entire Democrat Party sometimes. As far as over-riding a Bush Veto? It will never happen the Democrats do not have the votes and are a mixed-matched group of radical hot heads in my professional opinion.

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The Democrats Have a Mandate!

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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