The Politics of Writing Online Opinionated Political Content

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Writing political articles is not easy, and if you do there will be those who will hunt you down and attempt to attack you, it can get pretty nuts. In fact, I have watched folks attempt to slander my personal character, merely for writing a few political opinion articles. Interestingly enough, each time they do, I write 20-more.

Why? Well, because I figure they have attacked at least 5 others who stopped writing articles who may have written 4-more articles each. To me it's just balancing the playing field, and I do not believe in surrendering to nameless Internet Attackers, that would truly show weakness and lack of character and would be unfitting to who I have become.

You see, running for office is not easy, I've been involved in local politics quite heavily, run for office, had successful campaigns and some not so successful. It's amazing the garbage that flies at you, the half-truths, falsehoods, it really is not a pleasurable experience at all, of course, winning is the best revenge.

Most good people will not run for office because it's just nuts and the slam your personal character. It takes an ego-centric arrogant sociopath or someone who cares so much about the city, county, state, jurisdiction, agency, crime states or nation, that they are willing to sacrifice their good name to do it.

With politics I have a love hate relationship and having had experience on all sides of these issues; voting, running campaigns, being in politics (local level); I have written some 1500 articles here. Most are based on observations, real experience and passion for the greater good.

Indeed, I do believe that everyone wants the same thing, and too often we get caught up in the how to get there part. There are those who use politics for advantages in business or satisfying their ego, that is truly unfortunate but an innate need it appears, "respect from fellow man" - [Maslow] as one very astute blogger pointed out in the media this last week.

Articles written in the "Pure Opinion" or "Politics" section of a website, well they are just that; opinions and politics and all must be taken with a grain of salt. Putting one's name on opinion rather than hiding in the bushes is to me shows integrity, and we ought to agree to disagree as often as possible, but if your passion takes you to a place that you wish to make a note of it, sure, write an article and have your soap box and say; that's America, first amendment and it's all good. Just do it with integrity and honesty is my best advice.

Right now, I am finishing up an article;

"Who Are the Romper Room Obama Ramas - Is this a New Type of Voter?

I believe that we must look past the political rhetoric and consider the future of this great nation with a 16 Trillion Dollar economy, 5 times the next nearest nation's economy and 303 Billion People, the third most populated in the World. I believe the United States is the greatest nation ever created in the history of the World and we ought to put someone into run it, which is the best possible person. I fear that person may not be running; this concerns me and it should concern you too. So, if you want to write about something, it's time to have a national discussion on this issue.

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The Politics of Writing Online Opinionated Political Content

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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